International and domestic flights

The nearest International Airport is in Porto (OPO), International Airport/Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro. Other possibilities for international travelers are Lisbon Airport (LIS) and airports in Spain, namely Valladolid (VLL), Salamanca (SLM) and Barajas Airport in Madrid (MAD).

There are daily domestic flights from Lisbon to Bragança and from Bragança to Lisbon. Early reservation is recommended given aircraft size. For more information including schedules,  fares and for online reservation visit the webpage of the operator AeroVip. Information about the airport of Bragança here

If there is sufficient demand, the organization will provide airport transfers from and to Porto International Airport. It  will be also possible to offer transfers from and to Barajas Airport in Madrid.

Please read this important notes

  • Standard time zone in Portugal: UTC/GMT +0 hours (see
  • Transfers will be provided only if there is a minimum of 8 people interested in an itinerary. In case this minimum of 8 people is not reached, the service will not take place .
  • Transfer arrangement is only to and from the nearest Airports in Porto and Madrid and will happen on Saturday, June 3, Sunday, June 4 and Friday June 9.
  • Delegates interested in transfer services will have to book their travel options online during  the registration process. Transfers are additional charges at delegates own expense, that must be paid in advance during registration.
  • We will not be able to provide an airport transfer to meet every flight but we will aim to provide a service that might successfully deal with delegates needs.
  • Transfer schedules have been elaborated taking into account detailed information on the interest and the trips of the participants. The schedules now disclosed are provisional. They can be adjusted to meet the increase in the number of travelers and their needs.
  • Using tranfers may involve waiting times at airports.
  • The meeting point will be announced soon.

Transfers provisional schedule

 Sá Carneiro Airport – Porto (Portugal)

Saturday, June 3 at 6:00 pm and Sunday, June 4 at 4:00 pm (Portuguese Local time: GMT, UTC +0)

Adolfo Suárez Airport, Barajas – Madrid (Espanha)

Saturday, June 3 at 6:00 pm and on Sunday, June 4 at 5:00 pm (Spanish Local time: GMT, UTC +1)

Bragança (Portugal)

Friday June 9 at 8am (Portuguese Local time: GMT, UTC +0)

Please note that these schedules are provisional and may be adjusted. Participants who selected this service during registration will receive an email confirmation by March 31.

Bus connection

Delegates are invited to use the multiple connections by public bus transportation available daily from Lisbon, Porto and other cities in Portugal to Bragança.

The following bus companies operate to and from Bragança:

Bus Station in Porto: R. de Alexandre Herculano 366, 4000 Porto, nearby Praça da Batalha.

Bus Station in Lisbon: Terminal Rodoviário de Sete Rios, Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado – Estrada das Laranjeiras 1500-423 Lisboa, nearby the Zoo.

Travelling by car

By highway, Bragança is 215 km east of Porto and 520 km north of Lisbon.

  • Porto – Bragança – 215 Km | 02h00m
    A4-Porto/Amarante. IP4- Amarante-Vila Real. A4 Vila Real/Bragança
  • Lisboa – Bragança – 491 Km | 05h00
    A1 |IP6 | A23 |IP2| A4: Lisboa – Torres Novas – Abrantes – Guarda – Macedo de Cavaleiros – Bragança
  • Madrid – Bragança – 362 Km | 03h15m
    A6/N.VI- Madrid/Tordesilhas- N122/E.82 Tordesilhas/Zamora/Alcañices – IP4 Bragança)
  • Valladolid – Bragança – 204 Km | 02h00m
    N.620/E.80- Valladolid/Tordesilhas- N122/E82 Tordesilhas/Zamora/Alcañices – IP4 Bragança
  • Salamanca – Bragança – 169 Km | 01h45m
    N.160- Salamanca/Zamora/Alcañices – IP4 Bragança
  • Zamora-Bragança – 101 km | 01h 10m
    E82 – Zamora/Alcañices – IP4 Bragança

Major car rental companies operate in Portugal . Cars can be rented at airports and most cities in the country.