At this unique event, the TRADEIT Network will bring together bakers from across Europe to participate in a hands-on workshop in the renowned bakery of Pão de Gimonde in Bragança, Portugal.

Through a vibrant program of activities, participants will get the opportunity to learn about European traditional breads share experiences and insights on ingredients, baking methods and explore the role of innovation in the future the traditional and craft bakeries.

Over the two-day event, bakers will bake, explore new market areas, investigate new ingredients, develop recipes and expand their bakery repertoire.

The Agenda

Day 1 – April 11th – Morning Sessions

08h00 Registration

08h30 Opening Session (Helena McMahon, Elsa Ramalhosa, Elisabete Ferreira and Karsten Schmidt)

Session 1: Traditional/Regional European Breads

8h45 Portugal: Elisabete Ferreira – Pão de Gimonde

9h00 Germany: Matthias Prohassek, IGV, Reiner Stolzenberger, Bäckerei Stolzenberger

9h20 Spain: Eduardo Villar – Horno Arguiñano

9h35 Ireland: Declan Ryan - Arbutus Breads

9h50 Finland: Eeva-Maria & Timo Turunen – Liepuska

10h05 Tea/Coffee & Networking

Session 2: When Tradition Meets Innovation

10h35 Bread of Tritordeum - Jorge Pastor, Panishop

11h05 Health Bread: Adding Functionality to Traditional Breads - Alexander Voss, ILU & Matthias Prohassek, IGV, Germany

11h35 New Generation Breads: Gluten free, clean Labelling, Vegan & Biological production - Wilhelm Balkenholl, Germany - Bäckerei & Baguetterie Balkenholl, Volker Apitz, Germany – Bäckerei Vollkern

Session 3: Round Table Discussion

12h05 What Consumers Want? A European Perspective
From high-end consumers to value-conscious buyers, the market is bigger and more fragmented than ever before. This creates opportunity but also demands that companies have strong market insights on consumers’ unique desires.
• Where are the challenges and opportunities for the traditional food industry?

Moderators: Jorge Pastor (Panishop) & Karsten Schmidt (ILU Germany)

13h00 - 14h00 Lunch at IPB

Day 1 – April 11th –Afternoon Session

14h30 – 18h30 - The richness of Traditional Breads - “Life Sessions in a Bakery”

I) Case Study of Pão de Gimonde

II) Hands on Bakery Sessions in Pão de Gimonde

Attending Bakers will collaborate in the bakery of Pão de Gimonde to bake a range of European Specialties:

  • Portuguese Breads: Elisabete Ferreira
  • Tritordeum bread: Jorge Pastor & Sergio Cristóbal
  • German Sour Dough & Rye Breads: Reiner Stolzenberger & Matthias Prohassek
  • Hogazas Zamoranas: Eduardo Villar
  • Finnish Rye Breads: Eeva-Maria & Timo Turunen
  • Ciabatta & Foccacia: Giorgio Belotti
  • Irish Soda Bread: Declan Ryan

Day 2 – April 12th - Morning Sessions

08h20 Welcome: Elsa Ramalhosa, Elisabete Ferreira & Karsten Schmidt

Session 1: Identity preserved grains – new possibilities in the bakery

08h30 Lessons learned from the EU project Healthy Minor Cereals - An Exploration of Rye, Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt & “Trigo sarraceno” - Alexander Voss, ILU, Germany

9h00 Non-wheat grains and cereal-based baked products - Concha Collar, Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos (IATA), Spain

9h30 Innovations in wheat flour and mixes - Giorgio Belotti, Molino Belotti srl, Italy

9h50 Tea/Coffee & Networking

Session 2: Baking gastronomy - New gastronomic codes beyond the classic bread basket

10h20 Declan Ryan, Ireland

10h40 Nuno Diniz, Portugal

Session 3: How to add-value to day old bread?

11h00 Karsten Schmidt, ILU & Alexander Voss, ILU Germany

Round Table Discussion

11h30 Moderator: Elisabete Ferreira, Pão de Gimonde & Karsten Schmidt, ILU & Jorge Pastor, Panishop

12h45 Lunch & Networking at IPB

Day 2 – April 12th - Afternoon Session

14h30 – 17h00 “Fusion bakery: European Traditions meets 21ST Century Bakers”

A unique opportunity to co-develop 3 new baked products in a collaborative baking session. Three TRADEIT snacks will be developed:

  • Northern Style (Led by Irish & English bakers)
  • Central Style (Led by German, Finish & Polish bakers)
  • Southern Style (Led by Portuguese, Spanish & Italian bakers)
At the end there will be the “Big TRADEIT Bread Buffet” – Open party for bread gourmets.


  • Traditional (Regional) Breads from Europe
  • When Tradition Meets Innovation
  • What do Consumers Want?
  • Case Study of Pão de Gimonde
  • Hands-On Baking & Group Work
  • Identity Preserved Grains – New Possibilities
  • How to Add Value to Day Old Bread?

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