capa-tese1Domain of specialization

  • Dry Deposition of Air Pollutants and Exchange rates of CO2 and Water Vapor by using micrometeorological (eddy covariance and vertical gradient) and dynamic chamber methods

Research interestsresearch4

  • Air Quality and Air Pollution
  • Environmental Noise and Urban Soundscapes
  • Urban Climate and Urban Environmental Quality
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Wastewater Treatment Analysis and Simulation
  • Methodologies to Assess Environmnetal Sustainability (e.g. LCA)
  • Carbon Dynamics in Urban and Rural Ecosystems

Research & Development Projects

  • Dourozone – Ozone risk for Douro’s vineyards in present and future climates. Foundation for Science and Technology. 2016-2018. Researcher.
  • BIOURB – Diversidad Bioconstructiva, Edificación Bioclimática y su adaptación a la Arquitectura y Urbanismo Moderno. POCTEP. 2011-2015. Researcher.
  • InovEnergy – Energy efficiency in the agro-industrial sector. FCOMP-05-0128-FEDER-018642. 2011-2014. Coordinator at IPB and Researcher.
  • ECODEEP – Eco-efficiency and eco management in the agro-industrial sector.  FCOMP-05-0128-FEDER-018643. 2011-2014. Coordinator at IPB and Researcher.
  • Woody biomass for energy: development of sustainable systems for providing production, regulation and conservation goods and services. PTDC/AGR-CFL/64500/2006. 2007-2011. Researcher.
  • Thermal Confort in Urban Climates, DAAD-GRICES integrated actions. 2008-2009. Coordinator at IPB and Researcher.
  • GREENURBE  – The Impacts of Green Spaces on Urban Environmental Quality. POCI/AMB/59174/2004. 2005-2009. Project’s Coordinator and Researcher.
  • FOTONET – Poluição Atmosférica Fotoquímica no Nordeste Transmontano: Origem, Transporte e Dispersão. GG/GGP/MEG11-0165/05. 2005-2008. Coordinator at IPB and Researcher.
  • AMAZOC – Ambiente Atmosférico em Zonas Costeiras: Avaliação da Capacidade de Carga do Ecossistema. PRAXIS XXI Program. 1995 – 1998. Researcher.
  • MEDFLUX – Quantification of Pollutant dry deposition fluxes over mediterranean type ecosystems. European Project. 1996-1998. Researcher.
  • SREMP – Surface Resistance Emergency Measurement Program. 1994 – 1995. European Project. Researcher.
  • FIELDVOC – Biogenic emissions of volatile organic compounds. 1995. European Project. Collaborator.

Other Projects

  • Bragança’s Green Plan, developed as a service provided by the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança to Bragança’s Local Authority. 2005-2007. Team member.
  • Environmental Management of Construction Work – the Parking Lot in the Praça de Camões, Bragança, as a part of a service provided by the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança to the FDO-Eusébios Companies Consortium. 2002-2003. Coordinator


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