Modern Predictive Microbiology Analysis and Tools for Ensuring Food Safety – PREDMICRO2017

This is an intensive two-day workshop to provide participants with an excellent opportunity to update their knowledge on the computational tools and trends for ensuring the microbiological safety of food products.

Two approaches for mathematically representing the kinetics of microorganisms in foods will be taught: the classical static modelling and the novel dynamic modelling, including a special section of microbial competition dynamics.

The workshop contains a moderate component of mathematical modelling using the R software so that participants are given the necessary tools to address their particular research problems. In addition, the participants will be shown how to solve regular industry problems by exploiting the capabilities of a ready-to-use software tool, the Integrated Predictive Modelling Program (IPMP) developed at the Agricultural Research Service, USDA.

Overall, the workshop is intended to allow participants to apply modern microbial modelling techniques for:

  • the characterisation of microbial kinetics in foods, – the efficient design of predictive microbiology experiments,
  • the assessment of the interactions between pathogens and background microflora,
  • the formulation of foods with intrinsic barriers, and
  • the design/assessment of intervention processes that ensure safety of foods.